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Housing Requirement & Assignments

Housing Requirement

All full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking, unmarried students (without children residing with them) are eligible to live in campus housing.

Belmont University requires all full-time, undergraduate students with fewer than 60 credit hours by the start of the fall semester to live in campus housing unless the students is:

  1. 21 years of age or over by the first day of classes in August;
  2. married and/or has children residing with him/her; OR
  3. lives with parents, legal guardians, grandparents, or siblings over the age of 25 while attending Belmont.

Belmont reserves the right to modify the enforcement of the housing requirement based on the university’s educational and/or administrative needs and purposes. Affected students may not be guaranteed housing and will be waitlisted for campus housing based on modifications of the housing requirement and re-prioritized by student classification and/or date of application. All on-campus residents must agree to and abide by the Housing Occupancy Agreement.

All exemption requests must be approved through the Residence Life Office. For any questions regarding your housing assignment, billing, or housing exemptions, please email


Your Housing Assignment

Below you will find some information concerning your housing assignment as well as additional resources to help you learn more about Residence Life at Belmont.

  • How are assignments made?
  • When will I get my assignment?
  • Can I choose my required meal plan option?
  • Housing Rates
  • Accommodations