Four students posing with Belmont shirts on a Food Truck Friday

Student Life & Leadership

Find new friends and experiences in a community that will help you discover yourself.

You belong here!

At Belmont, we recognize that there are many important aspects to a college education, and that includes the pieces that don't happen in a classroom. With this in mind, we curate and create experiences and opportunities that will empower you as you create your future and become the best person you can be.

The Belmont community is unlike any other. Here you’ll find a special sense of belonging. It’s more than just a school, it’s a place you can call home.

From your first day of Towering Traditions orientation through your graduation, you’ll find ways to show up, link up and step up.

Whether it be dancing the night away at Throwback Prom, finding new friends by joining a club or building your leadership skills through BOLD (the Belmont Office of Leadership Development), you’ll find a community where you can discover yourself and the potential you possess.

Student Life & Leadership

By the Numbers

Student organizations
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Two students riding a swing ride at Hope Summit

Show Up

There’s always something happening at Belmont. Whether it’s Throwback Prom, Fall Follies or It Must Be Wednesday, you’ll always find ways to connect and belong at Belmont.

Two students at a table during the Bruin Link Fair

Link Up

With more than 180+ student-led clubs and organizations, there are endless opportunities to find the community where you belong.

A large group of students excited about Leadership Development

Step Up

Opportunities to grow as a leader are woven through your experiences both in and out of the classroom. We’ll help you discover the skills you need to lead.

Upcoming Student Events

“There are countless opportunities to join a club on campus. I’m a part of the Belmont Rock Outing Club, Community Council, the Executive Leadership Program, Chamber Orchestra, Oratorio, Water Balloon Dodgeball and Presbyterian Student Life.”

Grace, current student from Nashville
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Common Experiences & Opportunities

The life of the college student has rhythms. Each month presents different experiences and opportunities. At Belmont, our knowledge of historical trends helps us anticipate what students need and when they need it.