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A photo of two Belmont students on move-in day holding signs that say "Welcome to the," and "best four years"

About Residence Life

Vision & Mission of Residence Life

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  • Our Mission

Community Expectations

Belmont University's Office of Residence Life strives to create a residential community that both relies upon and fosters:

Mutual Respect
In an increasingly diverse world, it is essential that students appreciate the value of diversity in a community. The rich residential community offers exposure to a wide variety of people, perspectives and personalities and develops residents' regard for individual differences and their ability to participate effectively in the larger community.

Broad Interdependence
Students' success in the university and the world beyond depends upon their ability to collaborate effectively with others. The community living experience quickly illuminates residents' interdependence and nurtures their spirit of cooperation and interpersonal skills.

Personal Responsibility
Effective men and women take responsibility for the decisions and actions that shape their lives. Residence Life prepares residents to make the challenging decisions of their collegiate and post-collegiate experiences by providing authentic choices and realistic accountability during their residency.

Personal Growth
The desire and ability to learn in all contexts is fundamental to students' immediate and future success. By actively supporting residents' academic achievements and providing countless opportunities for personal and interpersonal growth, Belmont's living-learning community broadens residents' understanding of where learning occurs and how it is applied.