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O'More College of Architecture & Design Scholarships

Belmont’s O’More College of Architecture & Design was originally founded in 1970 as O’More College, an independent institution in nearby Franklin, Tennessee. The college’s programs in fashion and interior design – five decades in the making - transferred to Belmont in 2018 and were joined by a new program in architecture, the first of its kind in Nashville. Today, the college represents three complementary curricula in related, yet distinct, disciplines that build on past traditions to serve the contemporary needs of culture, societies, institutions, and individuals. Like its history, O'More recognizes the importance of tradition and place while engaging in continual reinvention to serve a changing world. 

Each year, the college awards a number of scholarships to students majoring in one of its academic programs. These awards are renewable for four years provided the recipient maintains all required academic and citizenship expectations.

Shortly after starting your application to Belmont, you will receive an email with a link to submit scholarship material according to your respective program. Please refer to the specific blue tab below that corresponds with your intended major. Detailed scholarship requirements that apply to ALL subject areas will follow after.  Although the instructions for each are simple, their solutions require deep creative thought.  You are encouraged to use your personal creativity to arrive at a solution. There is no right or wrong answer; we are interested in your individual approach to the prompt and the way you choose to communicate the results of your creative thought process.


  • Architecture Majors
  • Fashion Majors
  • Interior Design Majors
  • Both parts of each project must be submitted by December 1st for consideration.

    Visual Solutions
    Submissions must represent your creative, original work. Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign (or similar software), models, photography, drawing, painting or other original creative solution may be used. Pinterest Boards or other digital media are not acceptable. Make sure images are saved at a high resolution to eliminate the digitized/pixelated appearance.

    Submit PDFs of double-spaced papers written with 10- or 12-point font.
  • All project submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the O’More College faculty along these criteria:

    Innovation and Creativity
    Introducing original ideas or solutions. Developing a creative solution based on personal consideration and thoughtful development that expands your research and /or lived experience. Copying the work of others is not acceptable.

    Quality and Professionalism
    Evidence of thoughtfulness and care in presentation, both in visual and written work. Visual work should be compelling, clear and intentional in its expression of ideas and, when appropriate, emotion. Written work should reveal strong English composition skills (i.e., composition, grammar, cogency).