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O'More College of Architecture & Design Scholarships

Each year, the O’More College awards a number of scholarships to incoming undergraduate students majoring in one of its academic programs. These awards are renewable for four years (five for B.Arch. majors), provided the recipient maintains all required academic and citizenship expectations. 

The namesake for the O’More College of Architecture & Design is Eloise Pitts O’More. She founded the college in 1970 after studying Interior Design in Paris, France, to establish a degree program in middle Tennessee for Interior Design. Later, the College grew to include Fashion Design and Merchandising as well as Graphic Design, before merging with Belmont University in 2018. As part of merger agreements between the O’More Colllege of Design and Belmont University, an endowed scholarship was established for students of the O'More College of Architecture & Design. Although Ms. O’More passed away in 2002 and did not directly contribute to the establishment of the endowment, her legacy lives on through this award.


Scholarship Guidelines

Deadline: Students must have their Belmont application and scholarship essay submitted by December 1 to be eligible for this Departmental Scholarship.

Shortly after submitting your application to Belmont, you will receive an email from the university titled “Departmental Scholarship Application” with a link to submit scholarship materials according to your respective program. You will only receive this email once you have completed your application and submitted all application requirements. Check in with your Application Checklist to confirm you have submitted all requirements materials to ensure you receive a link. 


At the link provided, submit a PDF of one, 500-word essay that answers these two questions:

  • What is your motivation/inspiration to pursue your chosen area of study?
  • How will the award of an O’More scholarship would make a difference to you?


  • Who is eligible for this scholarship?
  • Who is not eligible for this scholarship?
  • How do I file the FAFSA?
  • How should I format my scholarship essay?
  • Do I need to submit a portfolio to be considered?
  • How do I know if I am a scholarship finalist?
  • When will scholarship recipients be notified?
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?