Class room for O'More college


O'More College of Architecture & Design

Founded in 1970 at the independent O’More College in Franklin, Tennessee, the programs transferred to Belmont’s campus in 2018, where they were joined by a new program in architecture—the first in Nashville. Like its history, O'More recognizes the importance of tradition and place while engaging in continual reinvention to serve a changing world.

About O'More

Thoroughly integrated into Belmont’s liberal arts setting, the O’More College of Architecture & Design represents three complementary curricula in related, yet distinct, disciplines that build on past traditions to serve contemporary needs of culture, societies, institutions, and individuals. Although relatively new on the Belmont campus, our programs in fashion and interior design enjoy a heritage five decades in the making.

With a foundation in enduring principles of art and design along with a commitment to teaching the most relevant advanced technologies, our degrees prepare graduates to find meaningful careers in their fields in a Christian community of learning and service. With strong connections to the BELL Core, opportunities for study abroad and internships, the professional programs prepare graduates for success in their chosen fields as well as to pursue unexpected possibilities. O’More programs are academically rigorous and taught by exceptional faculty members with significant industry experience. Our supportive and collaborative environment contributes to the creative, personal and professional growth of students.

Recognizing that nothing grows physically, intellectually, creatively, or spiritually in isolation, we embrace an ecological metaphor to describe how we grow together in our programs, on the Belmont campus, and in our Nashville community; our programs complement one another and are integrated with other courses of study in the University; O’More students, faculty, and staff are naturally collaborative and community-minded, as are the fields that we study together. Graduates of O’More programs are equipped to make an impact in both Nashville’s growing creative community and beyond.

Mission, Vision, Values


CAD programs cultivate students' awareness of their capacity to leverage multidisciplinary approaches to increase cultural and environmental sustainability, human equity, & social justice through the transformative potential of design.


Graduates of the College will be adaptable and creative designers who realize a more beautiful and more just world in service of their communities and future generations.


Inquiry • Empathy • Creativity • Innovation • Collaboration • Service

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in which students, faculty and staff can create and work productively is a top priority for the O'More College of Architecture & Design. Implementation of Health and Safety policies cover a broad set of responsibilities and areas of oversight ranging from correct use of equipment to best practices in disposing of hazardous materials. All students and faculty must be aware of their individual responsibilities to stay informed and vigilant about how to avoid any significant risks associated with working with certain equipment and materials. Signage throughout Hitch Hall serves as a reminder about safety regulations. These include, but are not limited to, emergency procedures, hazard communication, chemical safety, protective equipment as needed, safety data sheets, operation of power tools and digital fabrications equipment, electrical and flammable liquid or toxic chemical safety.

Belmont University will provide all employees, students, and visitors with an environment as free from recognizable hazards as possible. Belmont will comply with all state and federal codes and regulations, including those issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Human Resources administers, logs, and reports all employee job-related injuries and illnesses per workers’ compensation law and Department of Labor requirement. The Office of Risk Management provides guidance and assistance with environmental, workplace, and general safety upon request, including the publication of Belmont’s Hazardous Communication Policy, Emergency Response Plan, and Environmental Management System.