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Our Culture

O'More College of Architecture & Design

Faculty and staff of the O'More College are dedicated to cultivating each student’s capacity to harness the transformative potential of design to increase cultural and environmental sustainability, human equity, and social justice. Our graduates will be adaptable and creative professionals who realize a more beautiful and more just world in service of their communities and future generations.

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We value inquiry, empathy, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and service as key to achieving our goals and believe that everyone can, needs, and should feel encouraged to contribute to our intellectual and creative community. Placing equity at the center of all our undertakings, we strive to include a variety of outlooks, perspectives, content, and concerns throughout the curricula and within all of our policies. Our diverse learners, subject matter, and approach are viewed as a resource, strength, and benefit to all.

To fully prepare students for their chosen futures, we offer opportunities for intentional vocational discernment--especially as a reflection of spiritual values--through orientation programs, academic advising, coursework, and co-curricular programs that bring professionals to campus and guide students into the broader Nashville community. Each of our programs embeds work with external partners through collaborative projects (usually local non-profit agencies) that expand our empathy, amplify their missions, and enhance social and environmental equity.

Our success is embodied in graduates who flourish in any of a number of paths that are served by the diverse opportunities and interdisciplinary nature of design education as pursued at a service-oriented, entrepreneurial university characterized by optimism for the future and yearning for positive impact in the world.