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A photo of Belmont students on move-in day.

Move-In Days

Move-In Days for Fall 2022

Due to the complex nature of moving 4000 students on campus, all students must come on their assigned day and time.  In mid-July, move in day information will be sent out with your assigned day and time.

  • Updated

    Freshman and Transfer Students
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    Returning Upperclassmen Students
  • Move-In Day Guidelines

New Student Resources

We are excited to welcome our newest students to campus! To help with the transition to campus life, we have compiled some special resources for incoming freshmen and their parents. You can find a full list of helpful guides on our Expectations, Policies, and Agreements page!  

My ResLife Notebook - This handy guide should answer many of your burning questions (such as, "What's included in my room?") and contains loads of useful information all in one document. 

Handbook, Policies, & Agreements - On this page, you can find links to our Housing Occupancy Agreement and our Handbook for Residential Living! Review these items to make sure you're fully ready for life on campus, and reference them as needed throughout the year.

Video Resources - Are you curious about safety in the residence halls? Wondering how your meal plan works? We've put together some informative videos to make sure you feel ready to set out on your Belmont journey! 

Fall 2022 Move-In Day Routes

Below you will find move-in day routes for each of our residential complexes. Please follow the route outlined for your building (on your hall's assigned move-in day) to be directed to your check-in location as some traffic patterns are changed for move-in periods only. 

Please click through the gallery to find your move-in day route. Each route is labeled by hall. 

What to Bring

Not sure where to begin? We have compiled a list of common items you might need in your residence hall room (including what NOT to bring!). You can view a complete listing of Residence Life policies, please refer to the Handbook for Residential Living. You may also use this handy printable packing list to make sure you have everything you may need!

When in doubt, CONTACT US FIRST!

  • Special Electrical/Appliance Requirements
  • Items you might share with your roommate
  • Room Needs/Storage
  • Office/Desk Supplies
  • Electronics
  • Toiletries
  • Household Items
  • Miscellaneous
Helpful Tips for Move-In Day:
  • To cut down on cardboard waste, pack items in reusable plastic bins
  • Save space by buying larger items after you arrive; save time and energy by purchasing through our online marketplace (your items will be waiting for you when you arrive!)
  • Despite our best-laid plans, some check-in areas can experience a bit of a queue if everyone arrives at the beginning of each time block or interstate traffic causes arrival delays. If you experience a wait, you can assist us best by remaining comfortably in your running vehicle and allowing us to provide everyone the same quality experience. Make sure you have enough gas in your vehicle when you arrive at Belmont in case of any major delay.
  • Our Belmont Marketplace program is available if you would like to place an order through our website or one of our partners. Items ordered through Belmont Marketplace are delivered to your room and will be waiting for you when you arrive, cutting down on items you may need to pack or move.
  • Please note that Belmont Residence Life does not offer in-room delivery for any other packages delivered to campus prior to move-in. The UPS Store (campus mail center) requests that no packages be mailed to campus earlier than one week before move-in due to limited storage availability. 

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