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Protocol Review Process and Timelines

Depending on level of risk and subject demographics, a study proposal will fall into one of three review categories: exempt, expedited or full board review. See Levels of Review and the IRB Policies and Procedures document on the Belmont University IRB webpage for more information about how each of these levels is defined. The pre-protocol diagnostic survey in the online Axiom Mentor system will guide principal investigators towards the appropriate level of review, and level of review will be confirmed by the IRB chair or reviewer designee.

Regardless of level of review, a completed application must be submitted to the Axiom Mentor site. Application templates for each level can be found under Forms on the Belmont University IRB webpage. Please note that beginning fall 2017, there is now an application form for exempt projects.

  • Exempt Verification
  • Expedited Review
  • Full Committee Review
  • How long does IRB approval last?
  • I am finished with my research project including data analysis. What does IRB need from me?