Direct Grant Payments

There may be situations where there are direct grant payments for Belmont University faculty/staff when Belmont is neither a party to the grant, nor the recipient or disburser of funds related to the grant; the grant is an arrangement between the faculty/staff member and the granting/funding source.

In these situations, external agreements/grants would fall under the guidelines of the Belmont University Faculty Handbook, Section 2.13.5, Outside Employment Policy, inserted below (for staff, similar corresponding requirements are found in the Belmont University Employee Handbook, Section I.N). Importantly, among other requirements, this policy requires department chair and dean (and in some cases Provost) approval of outside employment; this would include the grants discussed above. In the context of this policy, the “use of Belmont … personnel” would most definitely include BU students, and be fully subject to University research/IRB/other applicable requirements.


2.13.5. Outside Employment Policy

Full-time Belmont University faculty should keep in mind at all times that their primary place of employment is the university. Additional work should be of the nature to enhance, not detract from, their full-time Belmont assignment.

All outside employment must be approved by the department chair and dean before such employment begins. Faculty must seek approval for outside employment at least annually and each semester in the case of outside teaching. Deans and/or department chairpersons who feel that outside employment is weakening or interfering with a faculty member’s scholarly development or classroom performance may require the faculty member to take whatever action needed to restore scholarly and classroom excellence, even if this means discontinuing outside employment or curtailing such activity.

The use of Belmont offices, equipment, personnel, or supplies to conduct private business or outside employment at another institution or agency is expressly prohibited, unless an exception is based on the recommendation of the department chairperson and approved by the dean in writing.