Protection of Human Subjects Training
Belmont IRB Policy and Access for CITI Training Modules 

Belmont University Policy: All faculty, staff, and students who engage in research that involves human subjects must complete the CITI Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE) training modules. This includes primary investigators (PIs), co-PIs, and faculty advisors on student research.

Completion of the CITI modules occurs on a three-year cycle across nine years as indicated below. PIs complete the basic initial training and then complete two rounds of refresher courses. After the second refresher course, the basic initial training will need to be completed again. Each time the completion of CITI training is required, an automated notice will be sent from CITI.

Basic initial training completion
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Refresher 1 (three years after initial completion)  
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Refresher 2: (three years after Refresher 1)
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Back to basic module completion (three years after Refresher 2)
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(Continue with cycle of refresher and basic training completion)


As of July 1 2019, completion of CITI training is required for anyone at Belmont who is involved in human subject research. The CITI training must be successfully completed before protocols are submitted for review. 

If you are including someone on your protocol who is not faculty or staff at Belmont, this person also needs to complete the same CITI training modules either at their home instituion or through Belmont. Please contact the IRB chair with the person's name and email address if their home instituion does not offer CITI training, and an individualized account can be set up for access to the CITI training. If their home institution does offer CITI training, they can send the Belmont PI their current IRB certificate to be included on the protocol page. A CITI certificate is considered current if the training has been completed in the past three years.

Please Note: If a faculty member wishes to use CITI program materials in any of their classes, the faculty member is required to send a detailed description of the the request to

See below for directions to accessing CITI training modules.

Instructions for creating logging in and creating a CITI account for the first time.

1) Go to


2) You will come to this page. Scroll down and click on Belmont University

Screen Shot of Citi Program Login Page


3) When you get to this page, click on “I don’t have a CITI account, and I need to create one” and the “Create a New CITI Program Account.”

screen shot of the Citi login page


4) You will arrive at the page below. You will not have to create a username and password because CITI is linked with your MyBelmont sign in credentials.

Also, look for your full name in the upper righthand corner of this page. Under your full name, there will be specific CITI ID number. (The CITI ID number is not in this screenshot because this is a real faculty member’s account.) You will use this number if you ever need to contact CITI regarding issues with your account, so take a minute to find it on this page. As you can see, this page also shows how many courses you have completed.

Screen shot of the Citi Institutional Courses page


5) Staying on this same page, scroll down until you see Belmont University. Click on “View Courses.”

screenshot indicating you should click the view courses button


6) When you come to this page, click on “Add a Course.”

screen shot indicating you should click Add a Course


7) You will come to this page. Click on the group to which you belong. Do not use the “not at this time” designation. Faculty advisors of student research should use the faculty and staff researcher group. Click on “Submit.”

Screen shot indicating course types with a submit button


8) You will also see the following Learner Tools. At this time, there is no need for you to use these tools. You will automatically have access to all of your required course modules and will not need to add, remove, update, etc.

  screen shot showing completed courses


9) Next, you will see this page. Please note that if you are not ready to start the modules, please go ahead and click on “Start now” and see step 10.

screenshot with button indicating click start now


10) On the next page, you will be required to read and agree to Assurance Statements. Read all of the statements and click “I agree” and submit.

screen shot with arrows on the I agree box and submit buttons


11) Next you will see this page. This is where you can access and start your training modules. Each module must be completed with 80% accuracy to pass.

screen shot of page showing course progress and score

There are 12 Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE) modules. For faculty and staff, all 12 modules are required. For students, 9 of the 12 modules are required. There are three that are not required for students at Belmont per IRB but can be required by faculty advisors; students have access to these (Research with Prisoners, Research in Public and Elementary Schools, and International Research).

screen shot showing available social behavior modules


12) After you complete the initial sign in to CITI, which must include accepting and submitting the assurance statements, you can return to your account by using the same link you used above Always “Log In Through My Institution” and scroll down and click on Belmont University.

 screenshot of citi program login page.