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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the IRB review all research?
  • Where do I find the IRB forms?
  • Do I need any kind of training before I submit my IRB application?
  • Where do I submit my application?
  • What are IRB committee members looking for when they review my protocol application?
  • How will I know when my review has been completed?
  • Can I start my research before my review is completed?
  • What happens if a human subjects research project is conducted without IRB approval?
  • Can I ask my reviewer questions?
  • I have looked at the website and still have questions. Who should I contact?
  • What is the difference between anonymous and confidential in terms of protecting human subjects and their data?
  • I am a faculty member who teaches a class on how to conduct research and my students complete a research project. Do my students have to submit IRB applications?
  • Can I give my students extra credit when I am doing research with my students?
  • New

    Qualtrics defaults to collecting IP addresses. Where are instructions to disable this feature?
  • New

    I want to conduct a survey study of a large group of Belmont students. What is the process for contacting the students?
  • New

    I am a Belmont faculty/staff/student and I am working on a degree or research at another institution. Does my research at that institution need to come to the Belmont IRB?