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Betty Wiseman and President Jones on Stage Talking

Purpose Areas

Compassionate Guide


Compassionate Guide

Shared Interests and Motivations: Engage our communities through teaching, healing, and helping

Common Skill-set You Are Honing: Interpersonal skills to develop others and help them flourish

Creative Visionary


Creative Visionary

Shared Interests and Motivations: Inspire hope through beauty and imaginative design

Common Skill-set You Are Honing: Artistic expression skills to make meaningOrganizational Innovator


Organizational Innovator

Shared Interests and Motivations: Cultivate work with dignity to make the world a better place

Common Skill-set You Are Honing: Organizational skills and systems thinking for crafting meaningful work

Sincere Storyteller


Sincere Storyteller

Shared Interests and Motivations: Communicate and connect with humility and civility to build bridges

Common Skill-set You Are Honing: Communication skills that require perspective taking to translate truthful stories in resonant waysThoughtful Investigator


Thoughtful Investigator

Shared Interests and Motivations: Understand the world in order to shape the future

Common Skill-set You Are Honing: Analytical skills to examine our natural and social world