Student measuring liquid in beaker while wearing safety goggles in a classroom

Programs of Study

College of Sciences & Mathematics

As a student in the College of Sciences & Mathematics, our academic programs cultivate an environment of exploration, inquiry and creativity, setting you up for success in a variety of fields. Our faculty are dedicated to providing a quality educational experience and are committed to helping you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your chosen field. We strive to be an innovative leader in the sciences, mathematics and technology, providing our students with opportunities to engage in research and other experiential learning activities. With our unique blend of academic and professional programming, you'll be prepared for a successful career in the sciences, mathematics and technology.

Looking For More?

Our pre-professional programs are dedicated to educating the next generation of healthcare, veterinary, and legal professionals.

Mathematics Placement Test

The Mathematics Placement Test is taken by students who do not have the required math SAT or math ACT scores to enroll in a desired class. If an acceptable minimum score is received on the placement exam, the Mathematics /Computer Science Department will allow a student to receive an override in the desired course.