Mathematics Placement Test

College of Sciences & Mathematics

The Belmont University Mathematics Placement Test is given multiple times each year, most often during the time leading up to the advising/registration period in both the fall and spring semesters. The Mathematics Placement Test is taken by students who do not have the required math SAT or math ACT scores to enroll in a desired class. If an acceptable minimum score is received on the placement exam, the Mathematics /Computer Science Department will allow a student to receive an override in the desired course.

The Belmont Mathematics Placement Test consists of 40 questions and is a 40 minute timed exam.  Calculators are not allowed to be used while taking this exam.  Some of the topics covered on this test are:
  • decimals
  • percentages
  • arithmetic of fractions
  • rules of exponents
  • radicals
  • rectangles and rectangular solids (perimeter, area, surface area, and volume)
  • triangles (equilateral, isosceles, or right; area)
  • circles (radius, diameter, circumference, area)
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing algebraic expressions
  • factoring (special factors, roots)
  • solving algebraic equations
  • solving small systems of algebraic equations
  • distance, rate, and time
  • direct, inverse, and joint variation
  • translating simple word problems into algebraic equations

To find the dates/times the test will be given, you may contact Susan Headrick to inquire about testing schedules.  We do have a limited number of spots available for each testing period but we will be happy to work with your schedule to find a time that will work for you. Please bring your Belmont ID and a pencil with you to the exam. 

Click here for a Practice Mathematics Placement Test.

The Mathematics Placement Test scores (out of 40 possible points) required for our classes are:

CSC 1020 Inquiry through Computer Science  20
MTH 1110 College Algebra  17
MTH 1150  Elementary Statistics  20
MTH 1151 Elementary Statistics for Sciences  20
MTH 1140  Quantitative Methods  23 
MTH 1130  Precalculus  24
MTH 1170  Calculus I for Business, Economics  24
MTH 1210 Calculus I   27

For information on Belmont policies regarding CLEP (College-Level Examination Program®) tests, please refer to the Belmont catalog.