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University Withdrawal Policy

 It is solely the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the university.

University Withdrawal Checklist:

  • Please be aware of the final deadline to withdraw from the university for each semester.
  • Communicate with your advisor and instructors immediately.
  • Submit the University Withdrawal Agreement 
  • Contact Student Financial Services to confirm the account balance or financial implications of the university withdrawal. They can be reached at 615-460-6403 or
  • Campus residents should contact the Office of Residence Life at 615-460-5802.
  • Student athletes should contact their Athletic Coordinator  
  • Recipients of a Veteran Education benefit should contact the VA Certification and Academic Compliance Specialist, Daina Hunter, at 615-460-6781 or
  • Review your academic record through BannerWeb. 


Students are required to take the following actions to officially withdraw from the university:

  1. Complete the University Withdrawal Agreement.  
  2. Students will receive a confirmation email upon submission of this form. There is no further action students will need to take upon receiving this email. However, if students have specific questions about their accounts, they can contact the Student Financial Services or Residence Life Offices respectively, (see checklist items below).


Actions that DO NOT Constitute an Official Withdrawal:

  • Dropping or withdrawing from all courses through BannerWeb 
  • Never attending classes or discontinue attendance in classes  
  • Contacting an advisor, instructor or any other representative of the university 
  • Nonpayment for courses 


  • Academic Record and Grades After Withdrawing from the University
  • Withdrawal Grades
  • Student's Financial Account After Withdrawing from the University