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Instructional Technology


The Department of Instructional Technology promotes and advances Belmont University's commitment to providing an academically challenging education by supporting colleges, departments, and faculty as they explore and design learning experiences that incorporate digital technology. In accordance with Belmont Vision 2020, we aim to equip faculty with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively and appropriately utilize technology in their instruction in order to maximize student learning.


  • Support college, department, and faculty use of instructional technology, prioritizing the relationship between research-supported pedagogy and related technologies available to Belmont faculty and students.
  • Create engaging learning objects, modules, units, and course designs using instructional design principles and research-based learning theory.
  • Develop support and training resources that extend the professional knowledge needed to effectively integrate technology.
  • Create opportunities to experiment with and evaluate technology-enhanced learning experiences and share results with the Belmont community and beyond.


Services, support, or training activities intended to help faculty more effectively use instructional technology must incorporate the following core values:

  • Prioritize pedagogical practices
  • Emphasize learner-centered pedagogies
  • Provide coaching and mentoring
  • Offer ongoing support
  • Focus on relevant technologies
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation