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Bridges to Belmont

Creative, Caring, Engaged, Dynamic, Welcoming.

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing the Belmont University community.

This campus consists of individuals intent on lifelong intellectual, social, physical, cultural and spiritual growth, and together we're tackling challenging academics and pursuing lives of meaning. Outside the classroom, vibrant student orgs, intentional Res Life communities and an overall robust campus life help give Belmont students the resources to develop as well-rounded individuals.

Books and classrooms are just the beginning. We believe in personal attention, real world practice, hands on experiences and meaningful internships. Plus, we challenge you to find a prettier campus, better facilities or more state-of-the-art technology at any other college in the country. Best of all, our faculty. Yep, that's the sales pitch. Our faculty aren't just experts in their chosen field; they are committed teachers and mentors. Their focus isn't just on your education–it's on helping you discover and fulfill your purpose.

Belmont University

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Our Why

Our mission: Belmont is a Christ-centered, student focused community, developing diverse leaders of purpose, character, wisdom, and transformational mindset, eager and equipped to make the world a better place.

That means our work focuses on you and your education, but you are not the end goal. Rather, we want to deepen your character and help you find your purpose so you are prepared to impact the world and make a difference for the greater good.

Your Future

Your college experience should be an amazing four years of finding your calling, developing strong leadership skills and feeling prepared to begin the rest of your life. And we are here to help! Our graduates boost a 96% Career Outcomes rate and land careers at top companies all over the world.