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Nelnet Payment Plan

Belmont, in partnership with Nelnet, offers an interest-free payment plan to all current and admitted students to assist with the cost of attendance. Semester plans are available for $42 per term. The payment plan is not a loan, does not require a credit check, and does not incur interest charges. Payments are due on the 1st of each month and payments received after the 1st will incur a late fee of $30.

The payment plan does not automatically adjust to cover your University student account balance. It is the student’s responsibility to determine the semester budget(s) to ensure the University student account balance is satisfied in full by Nov. 1 for the fall and April 1 for the spring. We highly recommend that you log into your MyBelmont account to verify your semester tuition and fees throughout the course of the semester. Your current balance can also be seen within the Nelnet payment plan site. Belmont University reserves the right to discontinue a payment plan based on missed, returned, or revoked payment(s).

Please check out the Nelnet Payment Plan FAQ for frequently asked questions. 

Target Dates to Enroll By:

Spring 2023 Payment Plans are available starting on November 1, 2022. .

Last Day to Enroll Online Required Down Payment
Number of Payments
Months of Payments
November 1 - November 29 0 5 December-April 2023
November 30-December 29 0 4 January 2023-April 2023
November 30-December 21 25% 4 December-April 2023
December 22-January 17 25% 3 January-April 2023
January 18-January 27 30% 2 February-April 2023