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Exterior view of Potter Hall

Potter Hall

Freshman Students Only

Potter Hall room floor plan


Potter Hall opened in August 2008 and is named in memory of Virginia Frances Potter, a long time benefactor of Belmont. Potter rooms may be either double or triple occupancy. It accommodates both male and female students. The main entrance and each floor are card access only. Potter Hall is located directly behind Hail Hall. There are visitation hours for guests of the opposite sex who must check in at the front desk.


Potter Hall residents are supported by six Resident Assistants (RAs). There is one RA per floor. Each RA has gone through extensive training in order to be a resource to our residents. RAs create social and educational opportunities within the complex through programming and community-building efforts. The RAs are supervised by one full-time, live-in professional staff member, known as the Residence Director (RD). The RD is trained in crisis management, acts as a resource to the residents of the complex, and oversees the administrative aspects of the building such as maintenance and discipline. The RD maintains regular hours in the office located off the main lobby. The RD also lives in an apartment located on the ground floor of the building.

Complex Floor Plan


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