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Concurrent Enrollment


Current degree-seeking students at Belmont University (full or part-time), who wish to take courses through another college/university, must have those courses approved through Belmont's concurrent enrollment request process prior to registering for the courses to ensure that the courses will transfer to Belmont as planned, meaning the outside courses are "equivalent" to fulfill Belmont course requirements.

Students seeking to take a course at a Tennessee Community College should review the policies for those colleges before reading further. 



  • Students may take a maximum of 18 credit hours through another college/university after matriculating to Belmont.
  • Including both concurrent enrollment/transfer courses and registered Belmont courses, the maximum amount of credit hours that students can be enrolled in is 19 credit hours in any single semester (16 during the summer)
  • Students must earn a grade of a "C-" or above to receive credit for BELL Core, Major, or Minor courses when transferring credit from another institution. Any grade below a "C-" will not transfer for BELL Core, Major, or Minor requirements but will be applied as a general Free Elective.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to both the student and advisor upon submission of the request. Students should confirm with their academic advisors that any course taken outside of Belmont will apply towards their degree requirements before submitting their concurrent enrollment request.
  • SENIORS with 94+ completed hours are required to complete the last 32 hours of their degree program at Belmont. Students may request an exception to this policy via a senior residency waiver. Any course, (BELL Core, Major, Minor, or Free Elective) that students appeal to take outside of Belmont when in the last 32 hours of their degree will require a senior residency waiver. The senior residency waiver is included in the concurrent enrollment request when the "senior" classification is chosen.
  • A note regarding the approval of concurrent enrollment requests will be added to a student's Degree Works upon the evaluation of the request. Students can view this note at the bottom of the "Worksheets" tab.



  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the other college/university to request that an official transcript be sent to the Office of the Registrar once the courses are complete and the grades have been posted to the transcript. Transferred grades below a C- cannot be used to fulfill BELL Core, major, or minor requirements. Please refer to the Transfer Policy in the current catalog.
  • If you plan on taking courses through another college/university DURING YOUR SEMESTER OF GRADUATION, your FINAL transcript must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the senior grades deadline as indicated on Belmont's Academic Calendar.


  • Official Transcript Sending Information