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Please note:  Audit information is updated nightly.  Any changes made to your academic record on a specific day will appear on your audit the next day.

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is an electronic audit of your progress towards a specific degree.  The audit will report and track:

  • Courses and credit hours earned as applied towards your degree program
  • Catalog requirements for the year in which you entered Belmont
  • All requirements necessary to receive a specific degree
  • Transfer credits used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Courses you are currently registered for (listed as in-progress or ‘IP').
  • Courses that are not applying to specific degree requirements, but do apply toward overall earned hours and cumulative GPA.
  • Global Studies and Experiential Learning Credit
  • Learning Community Courses Requirement

General Overview and Helpful Hints when using DegreeWorks:

How to read an audit:

  • Degree Progress Bar shows progress towards degree based on courses required for general education, major, and minor (if applicable).
  • Check Boxes indicate whether a course is complete, in-progress, or incomplete. 
  • Green check boxes and yellow shading indicate a completed course, blue check boxes and blue shading marked with a "~" indicate an in-progress course, and check boxes with a red border and pink shading indicate an incomplete course.
  • Insufficient courses are listed at the bottom of the audit.
  • Free Elective courses are listed at the bottom of the audit (please note: free elective courses count toward overall earned hours and overall GPA).

Types of Audit Views:

  • Student View: The default view as indicated in the drop down box at the top of the audit.
  • Graduation Checklist: A condensed view of the audit that removes course titles.
  • Registration Checklist: A view of only the courses remaining, removing the courses already completed.

Printing an Audit:

  • Use the print function at the top of the page to print the audit as displayed on the screen.
  • Save as PDF button saves the audit in PDF format.  In this format you can print or save the PDF and use it as an attachment in email (please note: the PDF may take a couple of minutes to load).


Other Tools and Functions:

  • Planner
  • Notes
  • Class History
  • GPA Calculator
  • Look Ahead Audit


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