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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

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Development Opportunities 

As a premier teaching institution, Belmont is committed to cultivating quality teaching that is informed by relevant and current scholarship within each of our disciplines. The Teaching Center facilitates lunch discussions, reading groups and workshops to provide faculty with opportunities to grow and develop their teaching philosophy and approach. Please visit the Teaching Center website for more information.

The Teaching Center also provides travel grants for faculty attending teaching/learning conferences. A call for grant applications is issued at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Find more information on travel grants here.

Provost-Excused Absences

In most cases, the Provost will excuse class absences caused by various Belmont-sanctioned activities. The request for a Provost’s excuse must come from the sponsoring faculty or staff member.

As stated in the Faculty Handbook, Section 2.16.4:
    If a class absence is necessary because of an activity by another class or university organization, the sponsor of the activity will provide a detailed memorandum on the letterhead of the unit to the Provost at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. The memo will provide the names of students involved, the type of event, and the date range of the event. If approved, the Provost will countersign the memo, generating a Provost’s Excuse, and the sponsor will provide copies to each student to present to their instructor as a Provost’s Excused Absence with the allowance for the student to make up missed class work.

Students who will be absent for any other reasons should review the class attendance policy outlined in the course syllabus and discuss the absence directly with the professor.  When absences are the result of a family emergency or long-term medical illness or issue, students are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students office (615.460.6407) for assistance with notifying professors. When a Provost's excuse is not presented, faculty may use their discretion to excuse any absence(s) they deem appropriate.