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two male students walking through campus in the fall

Be Well BU

Be Well BU is the comprehensive wellness program of Belmont University. It works with all programs and services aimed at helping students achieve a higher degree of personal wellness. Wellness is defined in nine dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, social (interpersonal), cultural, spiritual, environmental, financial, and occupational.

Be Well BU provides an administrative hub for enhancing the quality of current and future efforts to improve student wellness.

Be Well BU helps students:

  • Identify ways of living that reflect a greater knowledge of the purpose of their lives.
  • Demonstrate awareness of practices that lead to better wellness.
  • Identify ways their Belmont University experience has helped them achieve wellness in various dimensions of human life.
Each dimension of wellness has its own goals and highlighted wellness behaviors. 

Choose a dimension of wellness below to learn about its goals, behaviors, programming, and resources