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Self Protection Strategies

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What can I do to protect myself?

Here are some basic tips for keeping yourself safe:

  • Walk with a buddy (especially at night) or call for a security escort
  • Avoid poorly lit and densely populated areas such as alleys
  • Do not let strangers into your residence
  • Do not give rides to strangers
  • Do not give money to panhandlers
  • Report suspicious activity immediately

Commonly Asked Questions

Question: Is Belmont safe?
Answer:  Yes.  There are numerous reasons for our reputation as a safe and friendly campus. The number one reason is communication and teamwork.  The Belmont community as a whole is familiar enough with the campus and the people in and around the campus to know when something is not quite right. Faculty, staff, and students do a tremendous job in letting security know whenever someone is on campus that does not belong, something looks out of place, etc. Our officers respond to such calls in a timely manner and address the situation to the best of their ability.  We also have  a great  working relationship with the metro emergency departments.  When needed, metro will respond. With this said, crime can happen anywhere at anytime. We must all work together to keep ourselves and our property safe.

Follow the tips listed above to increase personal safety.

Question:   Is the surrounding community safe?
Answer:   Belmont University is located in the heart of a major metropolitan city which is also the state capital. As such, the surrounding community will harbor the same sorts of crimes as any other major city. Belmont, however, places significant importance in the relationships we have built with our neighbors, whether they be residents in surrounding homes, owners/managers of nearby businesses, or other local universities such as Lipscomb and Vanderbilt. Our larger community informs us of any pertinent information that may be of use to us in our mission to protect the Belmont Community. We, likewise, do the same.

Follow the tips listed above to increase personal safety.

Question: Is it safe to walk alone at night?
Answer:   It is always wise to avoid walking alone at night, no matter who you are or where you are. No matter how safe your surroundings, the chance of potential threat is always present. Use the buddy system. If the buddy system is not an option, (example: you were studying late in the library and need to get back to your residence or vehicle), give Campus Security a call. We will escort you anywhere on campus.

Note: Campus Security is not authorized to leave campus. We cannot offer escorts from or to an off campus location. (with the exception of Belmont owned studios: RCA studio B, Sony, Oceanway)

Follow the tips listed above to increase personal safety.

Question:   What do I do if a panhandler or another individual who does not belong on campus approaches me?
Answer:   Occasionally, panhandlers or other  individuals who do not belong on campus come on to our campus.  If you see someone that does not look like they belong, give Campus Security a call, even if you do not know whether or not they mean any harm. It is better to err on the side of caution.

If an individual approaches you and asks for money, do not give it to them. Because you do not know the individual, it is best to report them and let Security handle the situation. The officers are familiar with many panhandlers in this area and are trained to handle the situation.
If you are unsure how to best handle a situation while maintaining your own sense of safety, tell the individual that you do not have the answer to their question or cannot help them. Tell them that you will call Campus Security and that we will be able to help. If the individual has a legal and legitimate reason to be on campus, he/she will wait for an officer. If he/she does not belong, he/she will leave immediately. Someone that does not belong on campus knows they do not belong on campus and will leave immediately, fearing arrest. Remember to call Campus Security if you use this tactic.

Question:   Why shouldn't I give money to a panhandler?
Answer:   We understand your desire to help people. The Belmont Community as a whole has an extremely generous heart. However, most panhandlers in this area are known addicts and many have criminal records. According to metro police, several local panhandlers have the potential to be dangerous. Although none have ever physically harmed a Belmont community member, the potential for harm is best avoided by adhering to our safety tips and reporting their whereabouts immediately. For those Belmont community members eager to help those in need, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit or University Ministries. We will be more than happy to provide you with information on reputable charities, churches,  and other organizations in the area that need your help and support.

Follow the tips listed above to increase personal safety.

Do you have a question that was not answered in this section?
Email your question to:

The Crime Prevention Unit will answer your question.

Important Numbers

Belmont Non-Emergency  615/460-6617 
Belmont Emergency          615/460-6911 

Metro Non-Emergency      615/862-8600
Metro Emergency              911