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Burglary Prevention Strategies

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Commonly Asked Questions

Question: What can I do to protect my property?
Answer:  Many of the incidents reported to campus security could have been avoided. Follow the safety tips listed below to protect your property.

  • Use locks on lockers
  • Lock door to residence/office
  • Lock door to vehicle
  • Keep residence/office windows locked
  • Keep vehicle windows rolled up
  • Use secure bike locks on bicycles (such as u-locks)
  • Do not leave valuables unattended
  • Do not leave valuables inside vehicles (including loose change, gym/book bags, shoes, GPS systems)
  • Keep a record of valuables serial numbers
  • Report suspicious activity immediately

Question: What is the most common type of crime on campus?
Answer: Petty theft. Examples include:

  • Musical instruments, laptop, book bag, etc. left unattended
  • Residence doors left unlocked
  • Office doors left unlocked
  • Purses/wallets left in an unlocked desk drawer
  • Bicycles parked without proper bike lock
  • Valuables left in plain view inside vehicle (including loose change, gym/book bags, shoes, GPS systems)
  • Windows/doors of vehicle left open/unlocked

Do you have a question that was not answered in this section?
Email your question to:

The Crime Prevention Unit will answer your question.

The Crime Prevention Unit employs several techniques to raise campus awareness. If a vehicle, room or office door is found unlocked or if a bicycle is seen without a chain, a note may be attached warning the owner of the risk of theft and advising the owner on how to better protect his/her property. The unlocked vehicle or room/office will be locked.

If a Security Officer sees an item such as keys, purse or book bag left unattended, the item will be taken for safety reasons to our central office in the Gabhart Student Center.

Important Numbers

Belmont Non-Emergency  615/460-6617 
Belmont Emergency          615/460-6911 

Metro Non-Emergency      615/862-8600
Metro Emergency              911