Supplier Diversity Program


  • Create contracting and sub-contracting opportunities for minority business enterprises with AUX and FMS
  • Develop long lasting partnerships between diverse vendors, AUX, FMS and current contractors & sub-contractors
  • Promote diversification of Belmont’s contractor/vendor base through increased opportunities for minority vendors
  • Maintain a high standard of quality in all products and services provided


Facilities Management Services (FMS):

  • Residence hall summer cleaning/window washing, all areas: $225,000
  • Academic painting: $110,000
  • Cleaning supplies: $205,000
  • Cleaning equipment: $12,000
  • Campus housing paint: $110,000
  • Small appliance purchases: $80,000

Competitive Contracts up for Bid:

  • Water treatment products for HVAC systems: TBD
  • Elevator maintenance: TBD
  • Confidential document destruction: TBD

Auxiliary Services (AUX):

  • Kitchen equipment repair: $70,000
  • Small cleaning projects: $5,000
  • Vehicle repair: $1,000

Goods and services purchases will be made available for minority suppliers in FY 2016-17 (starting June 1, 2016). Numbers are approximate for FY 2016-17 buys. 

Additional tips on how to do business with Belmont can be found here

A recent powerpoint presentation on Belmont's new campus-wide Supplier Diversity Program rollout can be found here