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Student Policies

1. WELL Core is a graduation requirement, as much as any course required in the BELL Core. Without completing WELL Core, a degree will not be awarded. There are students, a very few, who have to delay graduation for no reason other than outstanding WELL Core requirements. Students in that situation may not walk at commencement. They may attend WELL Core events in subsequent semesters, without paying tuition. They will also have to reapply for graduation, including paying the related fees.

2. It is the responsibility of students to keep track of their own WELL Core credits, and to report any problems to the BELL Core Office within 30 days. Students can check their progress through their WELL Core account.

3. Credit is only given for approved WELL Core events. The WELL Core schedule can be found on BruinLink.Online and live WELL Core events can be found in Blackboard. WELL Core credit cannot be earned by completing similar events in the community, or by alternate means, except for students in the Adult Degree Program.

4. Credit for WELL Core is marked when a student’s QR Code/Event Pass is scanned after the event. Students must have their QR Code/Event Pass scanned in order to get credit. Students who forget their QR Code/Event Pass, or otherwise fail to have their QR Code/Event Pass scanned or take the assessment, will not be given credit for the event. Students will receive credit for events through Blackboard after completion of the associate quiz and assessment.

5. WELL Core events cannot be repeated for credit, with the exception of community service.

an appeal, students must meet with their advisors to discuss their concerns. Appeals must be filed by the academic advisors.

6. Since students are responsible for tracking their WELL Core credits, students must notify the BELL Core Office if a program has not been credited to their WELL Core account within 30 days of the event. After 30 days, the student will not be given credit for attending the event.

7. If you have questions about WELL Core, you may email Be sure to include your name and BU ID along with your question or request.