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BELL Core (Belmont's General Education)

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BELL Core Learning Outcomes 

Connecting Disciplines

The BELL Core engages students in a range of individual disciplines including humanities, social sciences, sciences, arts, quantitative reasoning, religion, and wellness. Students learn how to recognize the connections among disciplines and they develop an integrated, contextualized understanding of the world around them.


The BELL Core seeks to develop the writing, speaking, listening, and presenting skills of our students. Students learn how to effectively communicate complex and interesting ideas in ways that are compelling, substantive, and persuasive.


The BELL Core encourages students to learn, grow, and support each other as a team members. Students learn how to solve problems through collaboration, bringing contributions of diverse peers together toward a solution.

Critical Thinking

BELL Core students will pose meaningful questions and seek imaginative answers using evidence-based reasoning to solve complex problems and contribute new knowledge to the world. Students learn how to critically evaluate knowledge claims, and competing sets of evidence, toward forming their own reasoned conclusions.


The BELL Core encourages students to act as ethical citizens by increasing their cultural knowledge and social understanding. Students learn how to consider various points of views, think deeply about public values, and engage in civil discourse across even passioned disagreement.