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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I have to take these classes that have nothing to do with my major?
  • How will the BELL Core help me after I graduate?
  • Why is it called liberal education? Can’t I get a conservative education?
  • Why do I have to take Bible, especially if I am not a Christian?
  • Why can’t I take all of my general education courses in the first year or two?
  • Why do I have to take writing?
  • What is First-Year Seminar? What about Learning Community Courses? Or Junior Cornerstone and Senior Capstone? Why do I have to take these classes? What happens in them?
  • Can I get BELL Core credit when studying abroad?
  • What can I transfer in for BELL Core credit? How do I find out which of my transferred courses will count toward which requirement?
  • Why can’t the second English class I’m transferring in count for Third-Year Writing?
  • Who should I contact with further questions?