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Student reading a screen while a camera tracks his eye movement and shows a heat map of his vision overlaid on the screen

Graduate School Resources

Obtaining a graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) in psychology is a professional goal of many psychology majors.  Gaining admission to graduate school is something that takes excellent grades, strong letters of recommendation, and solid scores on the graduate record examination (GRE).  In addition, gaining research experience and, to a somewhat lesser degree, obtaining internship experiences will help strengthen your applications to graduate school.  Below are some links to websites and documents that will help educate you about graduate school applications and specialty areas in psychology.  Be sure to talk regularly with your academic advisor about your progress toward graduate level training, if this is something you wish to do.

Here are some links that might help you as you consider your graduate school plans.

Advice for Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology

American Psychological Association

Articles from Eye on Psi Chi

Association for Psychological Science

Educational Testing Service (click on GRE) 

Kisses of Death in Grad School Applications 

National Institute of Mental Health

National Science Foundation - Research Experiences for Undergraduates

National Science Foundation - Specialized Information for Undergraduate Students

Obtaining Strong Letters of Recommendation

Potential Graduate School Interview Questions

Psychology Degree Guide

Psych Web

Your Career in Psychology

Your Graduate Training in Psychology