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Transcript Requests

Belmont University partners with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide official transcripts to both current and former students. All transcripts issued by the university are OFFICIAL. 


Belmont University Transcript Information

  • Student identification information
  • Transfer credit information (if applicable)
    • Official copies - transfer institution and number of hours transferred from other post-secondary educational institutions attended before enrollment at Belmont University.
    • Student copies - transfer institution and listing of accepted courses transferred from other post-secondary educational institutions attended before enrollment at Belmont University.
  • Academic standing
  • All registered courses for each term of enrollment, showing the course subject/number, title, grade, and hours.
  • Any degrees conferred by the University appear, showing the degree, major, and date the degree was conferred.
  • The official transcript bears the signature of the Registrar and the date it was processed.
  • All transcripts are printed on security safe paper. Students cannot make copies of their transcripts. Copies of the document are not official. 
  • A key to transcript entries is on the back of official copies.

Official Transcripts

  • NOTE to Current Students: Students who are waiting for final semester grades or degree conferrals to be posted to their transcripts should wait at least one week after the commencement date of the given semester before ordering a transcript. Ordering a transcript prior to this may result in incomplete transcript information and require the re-ordering of the transcript at an additional cost.
  • Transcripts can also be ordered in-person at Belmont Central. 
  • Important Information: All outstanding obligations owed to the university must be resolved before a transcript order is honored. Orders waiting for this resolution will expire after 30 days. Federal law requires that all transcript requests must be signed by the STUDENT. A designated person provided on a filed FERPA form does not authorize a third party to order a transcript on behalf of the student.

Transcript Cost

  • Official Transcripts cost $5.25 per copy.
  • Please allow 2-5 business days for processing upon receipt of the order
  • Payment can be processed via credit card through the online order, or via cash or a check at Belmont Central. Payment cannot be accepted over the phone.
  • Transcript fees cannot be billed to your Belmont account.
  • Standard Delivery Options

Unofficial Transcripts

Only current students with an active MyBelmont account can access an unofficial transcript through that portal. Current students can see their unofficial transcript by going to the "Personal Records" tab of their MyBelmont homepage.

Transcript Errors

If you find an error of any kind on your transcript, contact our office at 615-460-6619 or stop by Belmont Central. 


Transcripts from Other Institutions

Students needing official transcripts from transfer institutions will need to request those transcripts directly from the records office of those colleges/universities. The Office of the Registrar cannot provide copies of transfer institution transcripts that were submitted for admission purposes to Belmont University. However, courses that Belmont University accepted from other institutions will be listed on your official Belmont University transcript. 

Transcript Ordering/Tracking Questions