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About Fraternity & Sorority Life


Belmont University is a Christ-centered, student-focused community, developing diverse leaders of purpose, character, wisdom and transformational mindset, eager and equipped to make the world a better place. Involvement in Belmont Fraternity and Sorority Life will provide students with opportunities to grow and develop in a values-based social environment.


Belmont University's Fraternity and Sorority Life Mission is to promote student development by providing opportunities for scholarship, community service, campus involvement and fraternal friendship by ensuring all members a high quality and safe undergraduate experience. Eligibility requirements are as follows:  

  • A cumulative GPA that meets the chapter's minimum requirements for membership
  • A disciplinary record considered in good standing with the university (no violations resulting in probation, limited or institutional)
  • Attend all formal recruitment events (NPC Organizations)

At the foundation of Belmont Fraternity and Sorority Life are our core Values; Knowledge, Responsibility, Unity, and Action. Every semester, our chapters execute and attend a multitude of events that align with each of our Values, ensuring that these principles are truly engrained into the way our students interact with one another and the world around them. 

Aside from the social benefits of joining a fraternity or sorority, our chapters work to make their experience meaningful by including activities like study groups, fundraising, community service projects, wellness programs, and spiritual development into the culture of this student community.

On an annual basis, Belmont fraternities and sororities record charitable contributions of over $100,000 and log tens of thousands of community service hours throughout the Nashville and global communities. Our fraternities and sororities consistently achieve a cumulative grade point average that is higher than the All Belmont student average and the Non-Greek affiliated student average. Our fraternity men and sorority women are involved in almost every academic major, club, or student organization and often hold a majority of the student leadership roles on campus. Positions like Student Government officers, Orientation Council leaders, Towering Traditions leaders, Bruin Recruiters, Belmont Ambassadors, Spiritual Life Assistants, and Student Activities Programming Board Directors are regularly held by members of fraternities and sororities.

Re-think Greek

We know that the media has portrayed Greek Life on college campuses in many unflattering and inappropriate ways. At Belmont, we challenge you to “Rethink Greek” and give us a chance to prove that the stereotype is not always the truth and that your experience at Belmont can be one that pushes you to become the best version of yourself.