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About Us

Office of Campus Security Mission Statement
To protect members of the Belmont community while providing a safe and secure environment on campus that is conducive to learning. To provide the best service to our customers while practicing our profession in the most ethical way possible.

Location and Staffing 
The Security Communication Center is located on the bottom level of the Gabhart Student Center. The OCS, under the charge of the Vice President and University Counsel, includes a staff of 30 people who address the patrolling, communications, crime prevention, traffic/parking, and investigations related to the safety and security needs of the Belmont community. The staff is comprised of qualified personnel - many with college degrees, prior police experience, and/or military backgrounds - who use their skills and talents to enhance their performance as employees of the OCS. There are 26 uniformed officers who attend in-service training, as well as regular recertification training in CPR and First Aid. All of the patrol officers have successfully completed testing for state certification as security officers.

Emergency Management
Every Security Officer is trained to respond to emergency situations, whether medical, criminal, or natural. Should an emergency arise on campus, we ask that you call Belmont Security immediately. Once an emergency call is received by our office, we call metro emergency or non-emergency, depending on the need. One officer reports to the scene to offer aid and/or assistance until the appropriate emergency vehicle (police, ambulance, fire) arrives. Another officer goes to a predetermined location to meet the emergency vehicle and to escort them to the location of the incident. When metro receives a call for service, they may not know where to find the specific location on campus. Our procedures help to expedite services.

These procedures DO NOT prohibit others from calling metro emergency or non-emergency if they choose. We simply ask that you also give us a call.

Investigating and Reporting
The Belmont community is encouraged to report all campus crimes to the OCS immediately. Belmont security officers observe and report violations of law and university policy and coordinate enforcement of those laws and policies with other campus, local, state, and federal authorities.

OCS conducts a preliminary investigation of any reported situation and refers it to the appropriate law enforcement agency when necessary or mandated. An excellent working relationship exists between the OCS and the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

OCS meets regularly with other university security departments in the Middle Tennessee area. All violations of state and federal criminal law that come to the attention of the OCS are immediately reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and disposition. However, individuals desiring to do so may report incidents directly to the appropriate government agency. The OCS distributes many publications regarding crime prevention and personal safety. Included are brochures on crime prevention, timely warnings & security notices and other brochures and pamphlets. The statistical reports are available to members of the Belmont community regarding the occurrence of any on-campus crimes and security alerts are sent to the campus when immediate notification of a crime is necessary. In addition to printed materials, the OCS offers crime prevention presentations at least once each semester. OCS can also provide information about self-defense classes in the area. Other presentations are available upon request.

We are here to serve you and we invite you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about security at Belmont.

Belmont Non-Emergency: 615-460-6617 
Belmont Emergency: 615-460-6911 

Metro Non-Emergency: 615-862-8600
Metro Emergency: 911