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So your student is thinking about going on a mission trip...

If you've made it to this page, your student has probably expressed interest in participating with Belmont on Mission or is preparing to go already. This page will provide you with an FAQ of the purpose, learning objectives, safety, financial assistance and more that is provided for your students during this opportunity to experience the integration of faith and service.


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  3. Notification of team arrival back in Nashville

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1. How safe are the mission trips?
Belmont's first priority is the safety of everyone involved in any mission trip. Therefore, before travel occurs, we constantly communicate with our contacts and host partners in a country, as well as embassy and transportation officials, to evaluate the political and physical environment carefully. Belmont refuses to take a passive stance on safety and has at times closed country options or moved students to ensure safety. In addition, Belmont invests heavily in pre-trip assessment of destinations travelled to and training of team leaders in incident response procedures. 

2. Does the Belmont provide overseas insurance for my child?
Overseas medical insurance is included in the cost of each Mission Trip. Belmont uses Tokio Marine Insurance and On Call International,  two of the industry’s most experienced group travel providers and incident response organizations. The insurance policy for your child includes medical expenses, emergency medical transportation, medical assistance with worldwide medical emergencies, property insurance, disability income benefits, coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, and more. If you would like the specifics of the insurance coverage, email for more information. 

3. How does the staff make medical decisions?
On Call International specializes in overseas medical care and orchestrates the course of action concerning medical decisions. It is a network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals and 24/7 emergency assistance. If a medical problem should arise while traveling, a Belmont staff member will contact the travel insurance medical advisers. These advisers consult with the attending physicians to make sure your child receives correct medical care. If more sophisticated treatment is deemed necessary by the insurance—treatment which may require evacuation to better medical facilities—arrangements will be made for land and air transportation including passage on either a commercial or chartered air ambulance with in-flight physicians, paramedics or nurses, and in-flight equipment. In addition, On Call International handles all family arrangements as well as immigration and customs details. 

4. Who leads the organization?
Belmont on Mission is under the leadership of Larkin Briley, who coordinates and oversees the development and execution of all mission trips sent by Belmont. Larkin, who has participated or overseen over 40 mission teams already in his short time at Belmont, regularly interacts with host partners, nationals, and team leadership to put details in place up to 9 months before a trip occurs. He has a heart for missions and a passion for students experiencing God in new ways while abroad. 

5. What is the leadership structure of the organization?
Belmont on Mission invests in team leadership to provide maximum safety and transformative experiences. Each Mission trip has two team leaders who work directly with the national host partners. Team leaders also manage finances, handle medical emergencies, and guide the other in-country leadership. Belmont is very selective and meticulous about the people we place in leadership positions. We examine age, experience, and maturity as well as leadership and decision-making skills. 

6. Will my child be in an environment where he/she can grow spiritually?
Belmont on Mission focuses on two things helping students develop a broader understanding of God's global activity and discovering where they fit into GOd's mission of redeeming and restoring the world. On every trip, Belmont implements an intentional series of vocational and spiritual discernment questions. 

7. What kind of rules does the organization have in place?
Every Belmont rule or policy falls within one of four categories. First, we have rules that ensure safety. These rules help us provide a safe trip for your child. Second, we have cross-cultural rules. These rules keep our teams from causing offense to nationals with whom we work. Frequently, there are gestures or distinct mannerisms that Americans use that other cultures consider offensive. Third, we have rules in place that enable us to conduct effective ministry and stay consistent with Belmont's student code of conduct. We do not allow smoking, alcohol, or violence in any way. Lastly, we have rules in place for personal growth. These rules include things like limited cell phone use because they distract from your child being able to fully focus on the experience. We outline the Belmont on Mission rules and regulations in detail in a packet given to each student. 

8. Will my child have any fun?
Absolutely! Your child will begin to discover the joy of seeing God at work in another place alongside other students. He/she will experience the joy of working together and seeing God use the team to do incredible things. Your child will laugh and play with the team. Students will often go shopping in marketplaces or play along the beach on a day off as well.

9. Has/will Belmont ever sent anyone home from a mission trip?
Yes. The safety of the Belmont team and the integrity of the ministry are essential. Before your child participates in a Belmont on Mission trip, we clearly communicate the policies and rules. This document lists circumstances that would lead Belmont leadership to send a student home. A Belmont student will not be allowed to jeopardize the safety of his/her team, himself/herself, or the purpose of the ministry. If the need arises to send a student home, the parent/guardian will be notified and the situation will be discussed in detail. The total cost of the trip home will be the financial responsibility of the student or his/her parent/guardian.