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The JD/MBA is a dual degree program offered cooperatively by Belmont University College of Law and The Jack C. Massey College of Business. This innovative program provides a unique opportunity to obtain a cutting-edge education in law and business in the nation’s healthcare capital and music metropolis.  Graduates are prepared for roles as practitioners, executives, and managers in the legal and business industries.

With Belmont’s JD/MBA, students can: 

  1. Complete all the requirements for both degrees within three years.
  2. Complete both degrees at a significant tuition savings.
  3. Benefit from Belmont’s signature personal interaction with experienced, premier faculty in both programs.

Download the JD/MBA Tuition & Aid Fact Sheet

Admission to the JD/MBA Dual Degree Program is competitive with limited seats available. Prospective dual degree candidates are encouraged to apply early in the fall application cycle.

Note: The Professional MBA (PMBA) requirement of a minimum of two years of significant work experience is waivedfor JD/MBA Dual Degree Applicants.

Note: The GMAT requirement has been waived for JD/MBA students entering Fall 2023.

Admissions Requirements

  • For the JD program, the selection process is based on a variety of factors.The two principal factors are the applicant’s cumulative undergraduate GPA and LSAT score. Other factors that may be considered include: institutions attended; majors and/or disciplines; activities in school and professional organizations; community service; and employment experiences. 
  • For the MBA program, the principal factors considered in the evaluation process are the cumulative undergraduate GPA, LSAT score, and resume. 
  • Acceptance to the JD program does not guarantee admission to the MBA program and vice versa. 
  • An applicant offered admission to the JD/MBA program must complete a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university prior to fall enrollment.
  • The MBA requires specific undergraduate course work and most individuals who completed a baccalaureate degree in business will find that most, if not all, of their prerequisite course requirements have already been met. Entering MBA students who do not meet most or all of the prerequisite course requirements are encouraged to consider Massey’s Summer Business Institute, which is a twelve-week program covering all the foundational undergraduate business courses.

Application Instructions

Step One: Apply to Belmont Law first

Apply Regular Decision

Apply Early Decision

Apply AAE

Step Two
After you complete your online application, send a short email indicating your interest in the JD/MBA program to Once received, the College of Law Admissions Office and MBA Admissions personnel will work with you to complete the rest of the application process appropriately.

  • Complete both degrees simultaneously, with three full years of study, including two summers. 
  • During the fall and spring semesters of the first year, enrolled students focus entirely on JD required courses. Following the first two semesters of law study, students begin MBA course work in the summer term by enrolling in four graduate business courses. Note, all prerequisites for the MBA program must be completed prior to enrolling in these four graduate business courses. Students may complete all outstanding prerequisite courses through the Summer Business Institute (SBI); these courses would be completed during the summer term immediately prior to the fall of 1L year.
  • Students return to full-time law study during the fall and spring semesters of the second year.  In the fall, students complete one MBA core course in the evening.
  • Five more MBA courses are completed during the summer following the second year of law study.
  • And finally, students begin combining more coursework for both programs during the fall and spring semesters of the third year, including three courses that can count for both programs.
  • Students complete degree requirements for both programs with 106 total credits, of which 16 credits count for both programs. The ability to complete both degrees in three years allows students to sit for the bar examination in July immediately following graduation.

View the JD/MBA Curriculum

What happens if I apply to the dual degree program but fail to gain acceptance to either the JD or MBA program?

Participation in the dual degree program requires acceptance to both degree programs. Students who are accepted to only one of the two programs will not be eligible to participate in the dual degree JD/MBA program.

I do not have two years of professional working experience; I am applying to the JD/MBA Dual Degree Program straight out of undergrad. Can I still apply? 

The Professional MBA (PMBA) requirement of a minimum of two years of significant work experience is waived for JD/MBA Dual Degree Applicants. 

How many students are accepted to this program each year?

Admission is competitive with acceptance typically limited to ten students each year.

What is the deadline for application to the dual degree program?

The deadline each year is March 1, but due to the competitive nature of the program, early applications are strongly recommended.

If I have questions about the curriculum, who can I contact?

The dual degree program is jointly coordinated by the Associate Dean for Student Services of the College of Law, Andy Matthews, and the Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Coordinator of the Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business, Carrie Finnegan.

What is the tuition cost for the dual degree program?

While tuition costs can vary from year to year, the general model for dual-degree JD/MBA students is that candidates pay JD tuition rates for coursework taken in the fall and spring terms and then pay MBA tuition rates for credits taken during the summer terms.  This results in a net discount of more than15% of what tuition would have been for students who had pursued each degree separately. 

What happens if I have to drop out of either program?

Assuming a student is eligible for continued enrollment at Belmont University, that individual would be able to complete one degree program without the other.  No reimbursement of tuition or fees already paid would be given for any coursework taken to the partial degree.

What happens if it takes me longer than three years to complete one or both of the programs?

Due to accreditation requirements regarding dual degree students, the program coordinators would work with the University Registrar’s office on the timing and completion of the student’s JD and/or MBA degrees.  Additional tuition and fees would accrue for students taking longer than scheduled to complete the two degrees.  Since JD graduates must take the bar examination to become licensed attorneys, dual degree students are discouraged from intentionally delaying graduation so they may take the bar examination at the earliest opportune time.

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