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Emergency & After-Hours Information

For life-threatening medical or mental health emergencies call: 
  • ON CAMPUS: 615.460.6911 
  • OFF CAMPUS: 911 
Calling the above numbers can dispatch an ambulance. If on campus, Campus Security will send an officer to assist as well as meet Metro EMS if needed to lead them to your exact location.  
For psychological crisis with NO potential danger of harm to self or others see Counseling Services Emergency Information HERE.
If a serious injury or illness occurs: 
  • Remain calm
  • Call Campus Safety  at extension 6911 or 615.460.6911  from a cell phone (911 if Off Campus) 
  • Relay the following: 
    • Your name 
    • Provide an estimated age and gender of the victim 
    • Location of the victim 
    • Indicate whether or not the victim is conscious and breathing 
    • Describe the nature and severity of the medical problem
    • Look for emergency medical ID and give all information to the dispatcher 
      If trained to administer first aid/CPR, do so! 


Local Hospitals

Nashville has many hospitals which provide excellent care. The ones listed are the closest ones to Belmont.

When should I go to the emergency room? 
If you are having any of the following: chest pain, shortness of breath or labored breathing, profuse bleeding, broken bone, severe allergic reaction, sudden or progressing abdominal pain, diarrhea or vomiting over 36 hours, sudden vision change, worsening or new headache, severe pain, or high fever (>104 F). If you live on campus, please notify Residence Life if you go to the hospital. 

Have your health insurance card with you and know what services your insurance provides. The phone number on the back of your card will let you know of preferred facilities and providers. If you are transported to a hospital by ambulance, you will be charged as this is not a free service.  Length of ER visits can vary from two to eight hours. If your condition allows, consider visiting a walk-in clinic (listed below). This will allow an ER's doctors and nurses to concentrate on the clients who have life-threatening issues.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information

Emergency warning signs of severe COVID-19 infection that you should be aware of include significant trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in your chest, new confusion or difficulty arousing, or bluish lips or face. If you go to an Emergency Room and suspect you may have COVID-19, you should notify the ER immediately on arriving (or the Campus Security and EMS personnel when they arrive at your residence).

For COVID-19 testing sites that may be open after hours or may be more convenient to your location visit: Tennessee Department of Health Assessment Sites or one of the Local Walk-In Care Clinics below.  FREE COVID-19 testing is available without an appointment at the Drive-Thru Testing & Vaccine Clinic, located at 2491 Murfreesboro Pike (Former Kmart). Click here for current hours.

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • St. Thomas Midtown (formerly Baptist Hospital)
  • Saint Thomas West Hospital
  • TriStar Centennial Medical Center

Local Walk-in Clinics

*if starred - X-Ray available.

  • Vanderbilt Walk In Clinic – Urgent Care*
  • CareNow (HCA) - Urgent Care*
  • The Little Clinic
  • Sport Ortho Urgent Care*
  • TOA Ortho Urgent Care*
  • Medical House Calls


Crisis Hotlines