A photo of the Rose Garden, with multi-colored roses circling a garden statue.

Landscape Services


The Landscaping and Grounds Department is responsible for the overall appearance of the campus grounds, green roofs, hardscapes and interior plants.  The department is committed to maintaining the campus in a safe and environmentally pleasing manner for our students, guests, faculty, and staff.  The basic hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 3:30 pm., with designated weekend hours. The crew is comprised of six full time exterior gardeners and one Irrigation tech.


The Belmont campus was designated as an arboretum in 2012. Dr Darlene Panvini and her botany class spearheaded this achievement. See the Nashville Tree Foundation site for additional information.

Event Services

The Landscape Department provides clean up and trash collection for outdoor landscape events. Speak with your event planners about landscape clean up needs in preparation for and following your outdoor event.  You do not want the irrigation coming on while your event is underway!

Rose Garden

One highlight of any tour of the Belmont campus is the Hybrid Tea rose garden. Restored in 2006, this is one of only two such gardens in the city of Nashville and has over 200 named rose varieties. Nashville Rose Society

Irrigation Management 

In 2013, Belmont started on the first steps to a fully automated centrally controlled irrigation management system.  This system allows Belmont FMS staff to monitor environmental conditions, flow rates, and historical data.  A weather station was installed on the roof of Maddox hall which provides this data as well as turning off the irrigation during rainy days.


A component of our sustainability initiatives, Belmont composts green waste on a lot located south campus.  All leaves and spent seasonal flowers added to compost lot each year which will be amended to campus plantings the following year.


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Did you know that Landscape Services:
  • Plants 14,000 tulip bulbs every year which are imported from The Netherlands.
  • Applies as much as 14 tons of ice melt during each snow and ice event on campus.
  • Plants as many as 12,000 annual flowers each spring and summer.
  • Maintains the seven fountains on campus.
  • Cares for 650,000 square feet of turf.
  • Decorates the outside of campus for Christmas with garland and wreaths.