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Custom Solutions for Your Organization

Belmont Executive Education works directly with organizations to design and deliver customized programs of learning. We use a consultative approach, engaging in a needs analysis process that includes a series of conversations with key stakeholders and leaders within the organization to understand the culture, the leadership competencies, and the strategic focus of the organization. We also conduct independent research to learn and understand more about the organization and its industry and competitive environment.

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Flexible Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs

We deliver programs in a variety of formats, making learning accessible and engaging. Some delivery options include:

  • Full or half-day workshops held in person at Belmont University, at your location, or held virtually
  • Series-style programs for cohorts of leaders
  • Lunch and learn or executive briefing-style micro-learning events
  • Fully asynchronous, virtual modules and programs

Experiential and Impact-Focused for Individuals and Organizations

We know the best learning happens when experience is combined with the opportunity to reflect and then apply new insights to real-world situations, so we use simulations, case studies, and other experiential methods of learning. It is our goal and commitment to engage our participants in meaningful ways in every program we design and deliver.

As a partner to our clients, Belmont Executive Education is here to support organizations by equipping leaders and individual contributors with new mindsets and skills. Our custom programs are designed with a 'learn it today, apply it tomorrow' approach, enabling participants to grow their capacities and create positive impact in their organizations. 

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Enhanced Learning with Relevant Assessments and Frameworks

We use best-practice tools to assess readiness, development needs, and self-awareness of individual leadership styles.

  • Globally benchmarked 180 and 360 Feedback Questionnaires.
  • Psychometric Instruments to measure personality including: Myers-Briggs, Leadership Styles Inventory, Leadership Orientations Questionnaire, EQ, Hogan, and others.
  • Behavioral Event Interviewing using methods developed by Dr. Richard Boyatzis.
  • Assessment centers using validated methods and certified assessors.
  • Assessments of Potential to inform “9-box” talent reviews.
  • Professional Feedback debriefs with participants by our team of skilled coaches.
  • Development Planning for participants using best practice methods.
  • Group Learning Themes identified to guide instructional design.

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