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Belmont Data Collaborative

The Belmont Data Collaborative provides opportunities for leadership in education and partnerships in the data science and analytics field.  This is accomplished through partnering with businesses, non-profits, and other agencies that seek to gain experience and insights into the use of data.

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Prospective and current students by providing:

  • data skills at different levels for ALL degrees at Belmont University.
  • innovative data programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and other alternatives such as workshops, certificates, and other programs.
  • events and experiences that allow students to take their educational and technical skills to use with real world projects and events. This includes data hackathons, real-world projects that lead to action, and internships.

External businesses, non-profits, and other agencies by partnering for:

  • real-world projects and events that provide insight and analysis into actionable objective.
  • work on complex problems by taking a data driven approach and then work with individuals and groups that lead to action and change.
  • providing experience and advice on the cutting-edge technology and skills that are needed for the Belmont career ready graduate.
  • continuing the conversation for data ethics, governance, and diversity and inclusion.