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Students talking to an industry representative at a Career Fair


Majoring in Music Business (MBU) prepares you for a vast amount of career options. Students have the option to choose an emphasis in music production, music business or legal studies offering a customized study in the creative economy. With a AACSB accredited Music Business degree from Belmont, the jobs that are available are endless. The following is mere snapshot of some of the jobs student pursue upon graduation.

Entertainment Attorney

An entertainment attorney specializes in working with clients in the entertainment industry, such as artists, songwriters, music publishers, record company, artist managers and booking agents. 

Artist Manager

An artist manager oversees the career of an artist by managing the day to day business affairs of an artist, allowing an artist to focus on their craft.  This includes but is not limited to promotion, bookings, business deals, recording contracts and advice on personal, professional and long-term career decisions. 


A music publisher is responsible for signing songwriters and composers to publishing contracts. Once assigned, the publisher is responsible for monitoring how compositions are used and licenses them to collect royalties which are then distributed to the composers and songwriters. 

Record Company Staff

Positions at a record company exist in a variety of areas including: A & R (artist and repertoire), marketing, social media, radio promotion, publicity, streaming, licensing, creative and more.

Booking Agent

A booking agent works with artists and other creatives in the entertainment industry to secure venues for live performances. They often schedule performances as well as other appearances and negotiate with artists/managers as well as the venue/other party to arrange the terms of contract, dates and fees.

Business Manager

A business manager is responsible for collecting the royalty income of an artist and paying the artist’s expenses as well as handling any other financial matters that an artist might need.