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Career & Professional Development

We equip students and graduates to explore their interests, pursue purpose, develop career readiness skills, form meaningful relationships, and achieve career goals.

We help students go from here to anywhere.

The Office of Career & Professional Development offers a variety of services to help you with your career planning and development, including career coaching, resume and cover letter writing assistance, interview skills training, job search assistance, internship placement assistance, networking opportunities, salary negotiation assistance and alumni career services.

We understand that the job market can be competitive, and we want to help you stand out from the crowd. Our team of experienced career counselors can help you explore your career options, develop a career plan, and identify job opportunities. We can also help you write effective resumes and cover letters, practice your interview skills, and find internships that will give you valuable experience.

We are here to support you throughout your career journey. Whether you are a student just starting out or an alumni looking to make a career change, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Contact Us

Location: Jack C. Massey Center, Suite 214
Phone: 615-460-6490
Email: careerdevelopment@belmont.edu

Career & Professional Development

By the Numbers

of graduates are employed or pursuing continuing education or military service within 6 months of graduation.
of alumni 5 and 10 years out surveyed report doing meaningful work.
of surveyed students gained confidence in their ability to carry out the next steps in their career plan as a result of their appointment.
of surveyed students gained information and/or resources to accomplish their goals or find answers to their questions.
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Data sourced from: Belmont University Class of 2022 First Destination Survey, National Alumni Career Mobility Survey and the Career & Professional Development Post-Appointment Survey

Start your journey to your future career

Career exploration is the process of testing and trying areas of interest to identify potential fits for your skills and professional purpose.


Preparation is all about rehearsing and taking your first steps.

  • Upload your resume to Handshake for review
  • Learn how to tailor your resume & practice your interviewing skills
  • Increase your on-campus involvement
  • Have career conversations
  • Complete internship prerequisites
  • Apply for an internship and consult your internship coordinator for course credit
  • Study abroad or away, participate in service-learning, missions, or volunteer work
  • Review your academic plan and your career plan

Learn how to make connections in your field of interest. Gain tips for conducting outreach to alumni and industry professionals.

Strive in Occupational Wellness. Grow your relationships with professors and industry professionals. Develop your job search strategy or plan for applying to graduate school.

  • Solidify where you want to begin your career
  • Determine where you want to go next
  • Grow and maintain industry relationships and a personal support system
  • Get involved in relevant professional associations, organizations and off-campus activities
  • Apply for positions of interest
  • Negotiate for what you need and accept the job offer
  • Consider options for continuing education
  • Complete the First Destination Survey in your Handshake account to let us know where you landed so we can celebrate with you!
  • Give back to Belmont and your community

"I went in to to discuss resume advice, in turn I received much more. In the meeting I was able to help decipher what it is and what it is not that I am looking for. That was extremely helpful."

Dion Hawley '25, Legal Studies Major