Belmont fans cheer in the bleachers during a basketball game.

We Show Up for One Another

We uplift one another through our shared experiences.

There are a wealth of opportunities to show up for one another as part of the Belmont community.

Every Belmont alum's story holds immense and unique value. We believe that each person's experiences, perspectives and achievements contribute indelibly to the Belmont community.

Your Belmont story intersects in all kinds of ways with the stories of other alumni, current students and future students. These overlapping stories create opportunities for meaningful encounters as we learn from the past, navigate the present and shape the future. It's within this shared context that we cultivate a deep sense of belonging and shared identity, knowing that we are part of something greater than ourselves.

Are you interested in making connections with fellow Bruins in your area? Attend an alumni event near you and find where your stories overlap.

Did you perform, present or play a sport as a Belmont student? If you're planning to be in the Nashville area, consider coming back to campus to support a student group you were part of—your presence and encouragement goes a long way.

Upcoming Alumni Events