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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle parking registration is available online through your my.Belmont account. Log in to your my.Belmont account and click on the "Bicycle and Vehicle Registration" link under the Campus Security and Safety tab on the left. Decals may be picked up at the Office of Campus Security located in the Gabhart Student Center after registering your vehicle online.

Before registering online, make sure you have the following information:

  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Color
  • License Plate Number
  • Best Contact Phone Number with Area Code


Quick Facts

A brochure that includes parking 'quick facts' and a map of all on-campus parking will be given to everyone when they pick up their parking decal in the Office of Campus Security.

• Please park on campus. Do not park on neighborhood streets. Continued parking congestion on neighborhood streets will lead Metro to restrict parking to residents only.

• All vehicles and bicycles must be registered with the Office of Campus Security through your my.Belmont account. Parking decals may be picked up at the office and affixed as designed.  ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE PERMIT NULLIFIES ITS BEING CONSIDERED A VALID PERMIT AND WILL RESULT IN THE APPROPRIATE FINES FOR NO PARKING PERMIT!

• All student, faculty, staff and visitor vehicles are required to park in the appropriate location designated on the enclosed map.

• Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces must properly display appropriate placard or license plate.

• Vehicles parked in reserved and/or guest spaces without permission are subject to ticketing and/or towing without warning.

• Vehicles may not be parked on lawns, in fire lanes, along yellow curbs or in any area not marked as a parking space.

• Vehicles parked in authorized lots must be parked within the parking stripes and headed into the space. Backing into spaces is not permitted.

• Parking is not permitted on sidewalks, crosswalks or in such a manner as to block traffic. Double parking is not permitted.

• Parking in the direction opposing traffic is a safety hazard and is not permitted.

• Persons who are unloading equipment or leaving their vehicles unattended for any reason (without notifying the Office of Campus Security) must understand that putting on vehicle's blinking lights does not provide a defense against being issued a parking citation.

• Resident students in the heart of campus (Hail, Heron, Pembroke, Potter, Patton, Bear House, Wright, Maddox, and Kennedy) are not permitted to park on surface lots.

Parking Decals A, C, G & H
Faculty, staff, commuters, alumni and special are permitted to park anywhere on campus except for reserved and/or guest parking or parking reserved for persons with disabilities.

Parking Decal B
Belmont Commons residents must park in the Belmont Commons and Concert Hall/Theater lots only. They may not park in the church visitor parking.

Parking Decal D
Residential students living in Patton and Bear House are required to park in the North Garage at all times. D decaled vehicles are required to park on levels P3–P4 ONLY, keeping levels P1–P2 open in order to accommodate guests and A, C, G and H decaled vehicles. The McWhorter side of P1 of the North Garage is strictly for guests only.

Parking Decal E
Potter Hall residents must park in the Curb Garage at all times. E decaled vehicles are required to park on levels 1-2 ONLY, keeping levels 3-7 open in order to accommodate guests and A, C, G and H decaled vehicles.

Parking Decal F
Hillside, Horrell, Dickens (access from 12th Ave. only), Bruin Hills, Thrailkill, Wright, Maddox, and Kennedy residents with F decaled vehicles must park in the Hillview area only.

Parking Decal K
Residential students living in Hail, Heron and Pembroke are required to park in the Baskin Center Garage at all times. K decaled vehicles are required to park on levels P3–P5 ONLY, keeping levels P1–P2 open in order to accommodate guests and A, C, G and H decaled vehicles.

Belmont University sits in the heart of Nashville and is a convenient walking or biking distance from numerous downtown shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Belmont offers Enterprise CarShare and has secured partnerships with Nashville's Metro Transit Authority (MTA) to provide all students, faculty and staff free transportation on MTA buses and the Music City Star rail system.

This document simply serves as an overview of Belmont's parking policies. Complete parking rules and regulations as well as the appeals process are located online. See the menu options at the top of this page.  

If you bring a vehicle to campus, you are responsible for observing all parking rules and regulations.