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Bicycles on Campus


Registration of your bicycle increases the chances of recovery if it is stolen. Often when bikes are recovered, the owners cannot be located or cannot legally reclaim their property because they do not know the serial number of the bike. Therefore, the following rules will apply.

All bicycles on campus must be registered with the Office of Campus Security at no charge. Each bicycle must display a decal issued by OCS that is affixed to the bicycle on the permanent part of the frame just under the seat. Bicycles left outside on campus during Christmas break or summer break will be assumed to be abandoned and will be impounded.

Unattended bicycles are expected to be locked to a bicycle rack at all times. They are not to be left in public access areas, entrances or exits to buildings, or attached to any railings, landscaping, or other areas not designated for bicycle use. Bicycles must follow the same laws as automobiles when on roadways.

Failure to register your bicycle or violation of above rules will result in impoundment at the owner's expense.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is now available online through your my.Belmont account. Log on to your my.Belmont account and click on the "Online Vehicle and Bicycle Registration" link on the right. Bicycle Decals may be picked up at the Office of Campus Security located in the Gabhart Student Center after registering your bicycle online.

Before registering online, make sure you have the following information:

  • BUID
  • Bicycle Brand Name
  • Bicycle Model/Style
  • Bicycle Serial Number (on bike frame under pedals)
  • Color
  • Additional Information or Features
  • Estimated Value
  • Best Contact Phone Number with Area Code

Bicycle Impoundment

The owner of an impounded registered bicycle will be contacted by Campus Security within three days at the phone number provided by the bicycle owner as part of the Online Vehicle and Bicycle Registration process. The bicycle owner will then have 10 days to retrieve the bicycle from Campus Security and pay associated fines. If the bicycle is not claimed and fines are not paid within that time, the bicycle will become the property of Belmont University.

If an unregistered bicycle is impounded by Campus Security, the bicycle owner will have 10 days to contact Campus Security, retrieve the bicycle, pay associated fines, and register the bicycle through the Online Vehicle and Bicycle Registration. If these steps are not completed within that time, the bicycle will become the property of Belmont University.


  • No Permit, $25.00
  • Parking Violation, $50.00. (parking anywhere other than designated bike rack)
  • Impounded Bicycle, $10.00 per day (owners of registered bicycles will begin incurring fines after receiving notification of impoundment)

Violations and penalties are assessed using an ascending fine system. Each recurring violation will require the penalty to double up to $300.00. Each subsequent offense will carry the $300.00 penalty.