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Institutional Review Board

Welcome to the Belmont University Institutional Review Board (IRB) home on the web. If you're interested in doing research involving human subjects, you've come to the right place.


The IRB is an administrative committee established to provide ethical review and protection of the rights and welfare of human research subjects. The IRB is charged with reviewing all federally protected human studies conducted under the auspices of Belmont University.

All Belmont University faculty, staff and students proposing to conduct federally protected research involving human subjects must submit an application for IRB review and receive approval from the IRB before beginning any research.

If you are new to human subjects research and the BU IRB, you may wonder if your project is federally protected research and if so, what level of review your proposal or project qualifies for. To get started figuring out if you need to apply with the IRB and your review level, click here.

Reminder: E-mail your application (exempt, expedited, or full) to irb@belmont.edu and campus mail or drop by just ONE paper copy of your entire application with signatures. Less photocopying for you!

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