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A close-up photo of a student's hand working with a paintbrush and paints on a paint palette.

Studio Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art


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The Watkins College of Art's B.F.A. in Studio Art begins with a core art and art history foundation. We offer six concentration areas in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics and sculpture. We believe that all mediums of art inform and enhance one another. Upon completion of the program, you will emerge a polished, well-rounded fine artist with strong vocational footing.

During your time at Belmont, you will have the opportunity to attend many artist talks, workshops and studio visits. You will be able to professionally exhibit your work in one of our four gallery spaces. Your senior year, you will create your final, cohesive body of work in the senior exhibition course; a class that culminates your time here as an artist.

The program will prepare you for a career as a professional artist, for employment opportunities in a wide variety of art-related fields or for admission to graduate school. Studio majors work closely with their advisor and teachers in the department to best plan their career or graduate education path. Most graduate M.F.A. programs require that students have a broad range of studio courses with an exceptional portfolio of creative work, something we pride ourselves on helping students achieve.

Studio Minor

A studio minor is an excellent way to balance or integrate your creative interests with the practical concerns of your chosen major. All courses in this minor have a relationship to the fundamental practices of visual art.

Students engage in a full range of creative expression in both 2D and 3D forms and can use those experiences to expand, enhance and refine their visual skills and knowledge. In addition, the minor serves as a means to develop better powers of critical analysis. See course requirements here.

Painting Minor

The primary goals for the painting minor are knowledge of and proficiency in painting practice, supported by craftsmanship, individual initiative, creativity and the ability to interpret ideas through artistic expression. Students are required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of value, color, composition, drawing and expression, and the role these elements play in conveying meaning in their work. Students study the use of acrylic, oil, watercolor and mixed-media, and demonstrate through the development of their work proficiency in a range of painting methods that may include landscape, portrait, the figure, abstraction and experimental paint application techniques. See course requirements here.

Photography Minor

Photography minors first study the basics of composition, design, lighting, processing and printing film and producing effective prints. With additional classes students are enabled to explore photography as an expressive, personal tool, reflecting its status as a fine art medium. Students primarily explore traditional darkroom techniques, in addition to digital photography. Students also have the opportunity to explore non-traditional techniques in upper-level classes. At all levels, emphasis is placed on creativity, personal expression and the quality of finished prints. See course requirements here.  

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