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Design Communications

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Do you want to influence and create a new visual landscape? Do you see through your mind’s eye? In Belmont’s Design Communication program, students not only learn the fundamentals of design, but also gain skills to become relevant in visual communication that gives definition to our culture and worldview.

The program prepares students for careers in the graphic design industry, employment opportunities in design-related fields and graduate school. Students create an exceptional portfolio of design work, building on basic foundational concepts of design and exploring deeper techniques in typography. There is also a focus on the historical context of design and philosophy of design and its relationship to culture. New art techniques are explored with digital imaging and web page design. Students have the option to exhibit their work in the University art gallery.

Design Communications Minor

This minor draws many students from the Music Business and Business schools because creative problem solving is central to these disciplines as well as the process of Design Communications.

Students have the opportunity to explore this process with the completion of six levels of Design Communications courses, and the option of selecting two courses among 2D Design, Drawing, Digital Imaging, Typography and Web Page Design. See course requirements here.

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