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A close-up photo of a student's hand working with pastels drawing an image of earth on a white background.


Art Education Courses

Belmont’s BFA Art Education Program is all about options.  We recognize that art teachers can teach in public, private, and parochial elementary, middle, and high schools... but they can also teach and/or run programs at art museums, anthropology museums, children’s museums, community arts centers, family support agencies, hospitals, parks & recreation departments and numerous other organizations. 

The primary goal of our program is to prepare our pre-service teachers for a wide range of teaching possibilities, and our curriculum supports this goal through its focus on the following nine objective threads:

  1. Curriculum Planning and Lesson Development
  2. Imagery-based Discussion and Critique
  3. Media Exploration and Modification for Classroom Use
  4. Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Art Education
  5. Contemporary Issues, Ideas and Technology Specific to Art Education
  6. Artistic/Psychological Development
  7. Effective Classroom Organization and Management
  8. Identification of Museum and Community Resources
  9. Assessment Strategies in the Arts

Incoming BFA Art Education students enroll in the same foundational coursework as students in our other art concentrations; most art education students complete 50 hours in standard and advanced studio areas and well over 90 hours in the teaching field prior the start of their student teaching semester.  Through this “nested” design, Belmont’s BFA Art Education Program is able to promote a successful balance of breadth and focus; a balance of art studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics; and a balance of educational theory and first-hand teaching experience. 


Professional Education

  • ART 2005, Introduction to Art Education (3)
  • EDU 2100, Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDU 2110, Educational Psychology (3)
  • EDU 3800, Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in the Classroom (3)
  • ART 4200, Student Teaching Seminar (2-4)
  • ART 4240, Student Teaching (8)
  • ART 3810, Elementary Art Education (3)
  • ART 3820, Secondary Art Education (3)
  • ART 4250, Contemporary Issues in Art Education (3)

Art Core

  • ART 1010, Creative Visualization (3)
  • ART 1020, 3-D Design (3)
  • ART 1030, Drawing I (3)
  • ART 1000, Introduction to Visual Interpretation (3)
  • ART 1011, 2-D: Principles of Color (3)
  • ART 1400, Introduction to Digital Imaging (3)
  • ART 2200, Exhibit/Workshop Attendance (0)
  • ART 1040, Figure Drawing I (3)
  • ART 1050, Painting I (3)
  • ART 1060, Introduction to Darkroom Photography (3)
  • ART 1070, Clay I (3)
  • ART 1080, Sculpture I (3)
  • ART 1090, Printmaking I (3)
  • ART 2810, Art History II (3)
  • ART 4740, Contemporary Art (3)
  • ART 4900, Senior Exhibition / Portfolio (3)