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Current Students

Scholarships for Current Students

Students studying a major within the Watkins College of Art are eligible for a variety of scholarships and awards provided they maintain all academic requirements. 

Walter and Sarah Knestrick Award

Eligible: Graduating Seniors 

The Watkins College of Art seeks to compel its students to fulfill their creative explorations beyond their college experience. This year, the college will present the inaugural Walter and Sarah Knestrick Award to an eligible senior major student who proposes a plan to pursue an exceptional creative endeavor post-graduation. This $5,000 award can be used to carry out creative endeavors including studio art activity, research, design-based business, or arts-related community engagement project. Interested students must submit an application that includes a project proposal defining their creative goals beyond graduation and how they plan to use the funds. All proposals must be achievable in a one-year timeframe, and the winning student will be required to present the outcomes of their endeavor. More info…

Jeffery Buntin, Sr. Award for Creative Ventures

Eligible: All Watkins College of Art students

This award that will be given to Belmont students who are starting an enterprise at the intersection of the creative arts and business. Established by the Buntin family in Jeffrey, Sr.’s honor, this $150,000 endowed fund will support students from Belmont’s Jack C. Massey College of Business, Watkins College of Art and the O’More College of Architecture and Design.

The $5,000 award will be given annually through a competitive pitch process where the most creative new business idea with the highest potential for viability and long-term success will be selected. Participating students, who can be studying in undergraduate or graduate programs on campus, will pitch their ideas in a formal presentation to a panel of judges including local entrepreneurs, faculty members and representatives from the Buntin family.

T.A. Larkin Rising Sophomore Award

Eligible: Freshmen

Margaret A VanHatten Rising Junior Award

Eligible: Sophomores

Frank Russell Leu III Rising Senior Award

Eligible: Juniors

Friends of the Arts at Belmont Award

Eligible: All Watkins College of Art students

Marcene and Thomas Larkin Family Fund for Art Education

Eligible: Art Education students

Mai Cook Scholarship

Eligible: Sophomore or junior students studying Design Communications

Jane Ewing Cramer Award

Eligible: Art History students

Regen Design Innovation Award

Eligible: Design Communications and Experiential Design students