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A close-up photo of several dollops of paint on a white background. Yellow, orange, gold, black, red, purple, blue


Master of Fine Arts Courses

  • 1st Summer: Art History/Theory
  • 1st Summer: Studio Seminar
  • 1st Summer: Professional Practices
  • 1st Fall: Graduate Research Project
  • 1st Fall: Graduate Studio Project
  • 1st Winterim: Process Critique
  • 1st Spring: Graduate Research Project
  • 1st Spring: Graduate Studio Project
  • 2nd Summer: Art History, Theory and Culture
  • 2nd Summer: Studio Seminar
  • 2nd Summer: Professional Practices
  • 2nd Fall: Graduate Research Project
  • 2nd Fall: Graduate Studio Project
  • 2nd Winterim: Process Critique
  • 2nd Spring: Graduate Research Project
  • 2nd Spring: Graduate Studio Project
  • 3rd Summer: Art History, Theory and Culture
  • 3rd Summer: Studio Seminar
  • 3rd Summer: Thesis Exhibition and Defense